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Get Started With Webinar

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A great guide to getting started with your own webinars. We will show you how to choose your audience and the various platforms you can use!

Step One: Know Your Niche

Okay, so you want to find a topic for your webinar. What is your niche? You probably already know it but if not then think about what it is you do for a living, or what you are most passionate about or what you are most knowledgeable about. This is probably your niche.

For example, Steve is a marketing director at his company and his passion is making money online. So, his occupation combined with his passion means that his niche is internet marketing, a very general term that describes many of the ways to make money online. But it is perfectly okay for your niche to be a very general term. In fact, the more general the better, because that means you have a far wider choice of topics.

Step Two: Decide What People Want to Know

What do people want to know about your niche? What kinds of questions are they asking search engines? If you want to run a successful webinar then you need to find out what people want to know so that you can teach them.

The e-book contains


Chapter 1: Pre-Requisites Required to Host a Successful Webinar

Chapter 2: Picking a Niche and Selecting Your Topic
Step One: Know Your Niche
Step Two: Decide What People Want to Know
Step Three: Decide What You Are Good at
Step Four: Build up your Expertise
Step Five: Publish Your Expertise & Promote Yourself

Chapter 3: Advertising & Promotion

Chapter 4: Getting Your Presentation Ready
Step One: Choose your Topic
Step Two: Begin Promoting Your Webinar Months in Advance
Step Three: Write a Script
Step Four: Prepare Your Slides
Step Five: Determine if You Need Other Multimedia
Step Six: Practice Your Presentation
Step Seven: Do a Dress Rehearsal
Step Eight: Start Your Presentation Early

Chapter 5: Handling Queries
How Many Questions Can You Handle
How to Take Questions
When to Take Questions
How to Answer Questions

Chapter 6: Being the Best Presenter

Chapter 7: Co-Organizers, Webinar Partners & Staff
Where to Find Co-Organizers
Approaching Co-Organizers
How to Contact Co-Organizers
What to Say to Co-Organizers
Webinar Partners
Webinar Staff

Chapter 8: Monetizing Your Webinar
Charging for Your Webinar
The Free Webinar
Forum Access

Chapter 9: Ensure people come back to you

Chapter 10: Creating a Business from Archived Webinars

Conclusion & Summary


Sample Content Preview

Your Computer

Your computer is the next thing that we are going to discuss because it is just as important as your platform or the type of internet connection you have. In fact, these three things tie for first place if you were going to try to prioritize the equipment that you’ll need for a webinar.

Because your computer will be running multiple programs at once, you will need to have a processer with multiple cores and a good CPU speed. You will also need to have plenty of RAM and a good soundcard that allows sound to travel over the internet and still be perfectly clear to the people that are hearing it.

Most people are going to have to make do with the computer that they currently have, but here are a few things that you can do to make your computer a little faster in order to make sure that you don’t have any problems running your webinar:

Shut down all running programs except for your browser and the programs you need for your webinar
Increase the size of your paging file
Use Glary Utilities to clean up your computer removing unnecessary files, shortcuts, registry entries and more
Disable all of your browser add-ons unless you need them for your webinar
Disable all background programs by going to MSCONFIG and then restart
Use a browser that is as lightweight (in CPU usage) as possible

The Platform

Next, we are going to discuss the platform that you will be using. Platform is a very important choice because it determines the quality of your webinar and what you’ll be able to do during it. There are numerous features offered by webinar platforms on the market today. Here are just a few of those features.

  • Recording of your webinar
  • Statistics tracking
  • Ability to add your own logo
  • Screen sharing
  • Mobile device access
  • Chat room

These are just a very small representation of the features that you might get with your webinar platform. The platform basically does it all for you, allowing people to connect and giving you administrative privileges over the webinar.

As far as the cost goes, this varies significantly from one service to another. For example, you might have to pay $20 per month to host 25 attendees with one service while another may only offer $99 per month with 100 attendees as the starting point. What these services all have in common though is that they have tier pricing that bases the cost on how many people you will be able to let in for your webinar.


Microphone or Headset

You are also going to need a microphone and headset in order to talk to the people at your webinar. This is an extremely important purchase because you want them to be able to hear you clearly and understand what you are saying. The Blue Yeti microphone (about $100) is a solid USB microphone that when combined with a pair of headphones will work perfectly for your webinar. If you want to spend a little more or less, there are lots of good quality USB mics to choose from.

Screen sharing & Additional Programs

You will need some kind of program like Microsoft’s PowerPoint if you want to do a slideshow. The way that you will generally do this is by making your PowerPoint presentation full screen after sharing your screen with attendees.

If you plan on doing any other sort of presentations like playing a video or demonstrating some piece of software then you are obviously going to have those programs installed and running when you do your webinar as well.

Webcams, Lighting & Backdrops

Finally, if you plan on not sharing your screen but talking to the audience with a webcam trained on you, make sure that you get a webcam that broadcasts in HD and ensures that you have a solid backdrop like a blank wall or a curtain hung up behind you and then experiment with lighting until you get the best image of yourself on the webcam. You can usually use the lighting and background in your home or office.

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